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Tan leather ankle strap sandal - Grecia
Leather strappy sandal with a 5 cm wide heel lined in suede leather. The perfect high-heeled sandal to give a touch of style to your looks. With a padded leather sole to make them the most comfortable high-heeled sandals in...
Smashing! Last Sizes
Beige strappy finger sandal - Mara
The most stylish leather sandals of the season, with a 7 cm wide heel, lined in leather. Tied to the ankle with an adjustable strap and pull on the finger. They have the perfect height to be your favorite sandal...
Flat sandal two crossed straps in pink leather "Rose" - Bryan Stepwise X Becomely
We teamed up with the Spanish firm Becomely to bring you exclusively this special design of flat sandal for women in a unique pink color. It is a limited edition in which we will manufacture on demand, that is, we...
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Flat sandal with crossed strap in black leather - Laia
The new version of Roman style sandals adapted to new trends. We comply with the less is more. The minimalist flat sandal has a leather strap at the height of two fingers and two cross straps tied at the ankle...
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