You dress trap and you don't know: find out why

For a few years we have been alert to the emergence of a musical inspired style that has changed the contemporary popular scene and that has marked a before and after in hip hop.

Let's talk about trap.

Names like Drake, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Beyoncé or Bad Bunny, on the other side of the pond, and spanish singers like C. Tangana, Kinder Malo, Bad Gyal, La Zowi, Yung Beef or Babi are some of the ones who have stood out or emerged thanks to this new music style.

Trap is tracksuits and expensive brands. It is real talk with a dirty electronic base. It makes us wiggle thanks to the mix of synthesizers and sub-bass (without forgetting the use and abuse of the autotune that has made it so famous) and put us in that dark and intimidating imaginary thanks to its harmony, its lyrics and above all, its attitude.

And this last feature is what turns trap into a stream that has not only modified the charts but has also had influence in fashion.


What is the story behind trap?

This subgenre of rap was born in the US in the early 90's in the city of Atlanta between dance music, hip hop and a marginal environment.

Mainly the lyrics talked about drugs, about life in the ghetto and about the struggle to achieve money and success. Trap emerges in a difficult social context and that is reflected both in the rhythm as depressing as in hard and direct lyrics.

Anyway, not everything is drama. The genre has undergone an evolution since then and has also been influenced by other music. In Spain and Latin America, for example, it has mixed a lot with reggaeton or dance hall, emerging more dynamic melodies and less down lyrics.

The importance of aesthetics

It is not new. Rock, punk, rap itself, .... all these musical genres were always side by side by fashion. It has always happened and now trap is the new genre that has changed everything.


If there is something that has advanced in the music industry it’s the visual content. Since channels such as MTV positioned the video clip and the well-known YouTube platform appeared in our lives, music would no longer be understood without its aesthetic companion.


Both go hand in hand and are increasingly united. And we would even dare to say that nowadays music is not conceived without being an audiovisual product with an aesthetic style. Each musical project is created with an increasingly complete artistic concept.


Trap is in fashion

Whether or not you listen to trap songs to make fun out of them, the point is that you have been conquered by many of their influences.


In the instagram profiles of our trap girls and in their video clips we see sportswear, coats, sweatshirts, lycra, lots of eyeliner, sneakers and gold. A very marked style that unites a more neighborhood look with vintage and Louis Vuitton garments. Poshness without forgetting your urban roots.


And it may seem very taki, but the truth is that famous designers have approached this trend; like María Escoté or Palomo Spain who have dressed Rosalía several times.

Obviously, the exaggeration of the stars in their outfits and video clips is not what we see on the streets. But we do observe how we have lowered all these ideas to the ground and made them ours in everyday life. Stores like Bershka and Pull and Bear have surrendered to the evidence and despite being mostly young fashion, the reality is that we see its long shadow in all ages.


We list the most important aspects of the trap that have splashed our day to day


  1. Long live to the tracksuit. Going neat but informal is one of the wonders that the trap has brought us. The fashion of the sporty spyce arrived and we combine it with heels or boots.


  1. Sneakers for everything. The boom in platform sneakers has been with us for a couple of years and has settled (and we thank them for that because we are happy of how comfortable they are). Sports shoe is very adaptable to any style: we have seen them combined with midi skirts and dresses. Its use is already universal and there is no outfit with which it does not stick.


And he has no age. We all fall to stylized lines and a light and comfortable sole. Patagonia are perfect to give an outfit look with attitude. Check out all our sneakers here.


  1. Acrylic nails. Trap singers wore them because they conferred a status. If your manicure consists of long nails it is because you do not do manual work and therefore you have reached an important level of success. Here in real life we ​​fell in love with all the aesthetics behind nail art and we also wanted to play with our nails and always wear them perfectly. We all want to be Rosalia.


  1. Big brands. If something characterizes the fashion of trap singers is how they mix clothes from affordable stores with brands such as Gucci, Lacoste, Versace or Moschino. Bad Gyal already says it in her Mercadona theme: "I want Lomba and not Pimkie"

In fact the Spanish rapper, Yung Beef was the image of Calvin Klein and walked on the catwalk for the firm. He has his own clothing brand and a store in Malasaña, Madrid


Designers have seen the potential of this urban trend and have included clothing and footwear inspired by them in their collections..


  1. Hoop and golden earrings. We speak again of the status of the singers: "gold chains to shine" that Recycled J says in his lyrics. What do you see on the streets? Oversize hoop earrings or in its finest version, have been seen in the ears of celebrities and influencers of all kinds.


  1. Crop Top. That mini shirt that triumphed back in the 2000s and that made it fashionable to teach the navel came back again thanks to the trap clearly. There are more modes, sweeter, more cane and sports and wider or more tight. For all tastes go.

The trap is a lively style that does not stop transforming. We like to see how the famous singers have fun with the proposals and we are fascinated to find it later reflected in our day to day, which is, ironically, where everything comes from.

We love how the catwalks drink from the street and how the street is inspired by the catwalks. A vicious circle that only enriches the world of fashion even more.